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Polenta pizza

When my mom, a hardcore gourmet, met my dad, he was following a modest macrobiotic diet (suffice to say, he is not anymore). In those early years my dad sometimes made polenta for my mom, and according to her it was horrible. I always thought polenta was flavorless, dull food for hippies, cause that’s the image I got from my mom. Every time she heard the word polenta, she would jump up and share the polenta trauma my dad had caused her.

Polenta pizza 2

In the last couple of years I saw more and more recipes with polenta, and I had to admit they kinda looked appetizing. So on one adventurous day I decided that I wanted to try it for myself, I made Yvette’s recipe and I loved every bite of it. After I finished my dinner I immediately called my mom to tell her that it might have been my dad’s lacking cooking skills (kidding, dad) or her prejudices, but when made correctly, there is nothing boring about polenta. She stayed sceptic, but I for one am a complete convert.

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Shakshuka has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been annoying my boyfriend with talking about this dish twice a day, I even sent him pictures found on the internet to show him how mouthwatering this dish with its vibrant colours would be. He wasn’t impressed and thought it would just be baked eggs with peppers. When I made this dish for lunch today it was everything I hoped it would be, maybe even better. The peppers and onions are full of flavour because of the many herbs that go in this dish and the eggs are cooked till just set, but with the yolks still runny. Of course he also loved it.

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