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One day in Da Lat was enough to eat a lot of amazing street food (the earlier the better) and try out new Vietnamese desserts, drink morning coffee with local men, stay at a hostel run by the craziest and most welcoming family and where they make family meals and encourage spooning your neighbor by putting the beds very close to each other.

Da Lat Vietnam 2
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At the time of my last post the weather was still nice, but by now the temperatures have dropped and we’ve already experienced some snow. I am not a big fan of winter at all, I rather have sunny days and summer dress friendly temperatures, but I’m afraid I have seen nothing yet of the fierce winter in Beijing.

Luckily the food makes it all a bit more bearable. The steaming hot buns and these caramalized pieces of yam taste even better when you’re freezing cold. The yam is first deep fried – like almost everything here in China – and later covered with hot caramel and sprinkled with sesame seeds. This savory sweet snack will definitely help you survive the winter.

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