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In order to avoid the tourist masses I took a motor taxi at 6 am to My Son to see what remains of the Hindu temple built between the 4th and 13th century. When I arrived after an awesome 75-minute motor ride, I was the only one on the site (a rare thing in touristy-Vietnam). The ruins were breathtakingly beautiful, the weather was perfect, the sky was blue and I experienced all of this before 8 am. Getting up early was so worth it.

My Son Vietnam 2
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The moment I had longed for finally came, I could take out my tiny summer dresses, get rid of my terminally ill looking pale skin and switch from hot coffee with condensed milk to the iced version (short-term cooling off, long-term stomach problems: ice isn’t necessarily made from clean water).

My three days in Hoi An were total bliss: lots of good eating (seriously, that banh mi was the best), sizzling in the sun, morning bike ride to the beach (aka getting sunburned at 9 am), more bike rides (I’m too Dutch to function – riding a bike feels like home to me), visiting the My Son sanctuary and getting some cheap tailor-made shoes and dresses (whoops, this was not included in the budget).

Hoi An Vietnam 7
Cao Lầu – chewy noodles with pork meat, bean sprouts, herbs, casave chips and soy sauce.
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