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One day in Da Lat was enough to eat a lot of amazing street food (the earlier the better) and try out new Vietnamese desserts, drink morning coffee with local men, stay at a hostel run by the craziest and most welcoming family and where they make family meals and encourage spooning your neighbor by putting the beds very close to each other.

Da Lat Vietnam 2
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From Hoi An I took a night bus to Nha Trang, aka mini Russia, and arrived the next morning at 5 am, just in time to see the beautiful sunrise. Me and my two best friends, sunblock and after sun, enjoyed two scorching sunny days at the beach, playing with the waves and reading in the sun. A nasty sunburn was obviously unavoidable, my back turned into roasted meat. Was definitely missing a travel companion for that reason. Other than lying on the beach I also drank many fresh passionfruit-aloe juices and ate fresher than fresh sea food.

Hoi An Vietnam 12

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As you might have seen in earlier posts, I’ve started making recipe videos. Since the videos are in Chinese and I assume most of you don’t understand what I’m saying, I’ll also post the recipes in English. I made this Eton Mess for my second video last weekend.

Eton Mess 1

I find it hard to express the tastiness of the dishes in Chinese, cause I’m just not a fluent Chinese speaker and it doesn’t come naturally (yet). So I wish I would’ve filmed the reactions of my roommates when they ate this dessert. They were having continuous foodgasms, with expressions of eternal bliss and producing sounds that probably made the neighbors frown.

Eton Mess 2

I don’t know many desserts as easy and enjoyable as this one. So if you want to impress someone –  maybe even let him or her moan a little – with minimal effort, this is the dessert to make.

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Hot weather makes me incapable of doing anything other than hiding in cool places and resting (preferably at the beach/pool), I can’t sleep, eat, think properly, let alone cook or bake. It has been sizzling hot these last couple of days, especially for Dutch summer standards, and I have been avoiding doing any major activities. 

Roasted Strawberries

So I find it quite amazing that I was still able to create this summery ice cream, but I’m glad I did because it is so damn delicious and it is the only right thing to eat in this weather. Even though I was able to get myself into the kitchen to make this ice cream, I did wait till the weather cooled down a bit to tell you about this mind blowing ice cream. Strawberries are roasted, mashed and mixed with a coconut custard, churned into ice cream and mixed with chocolate, resulting in this roasted strawberry-coconut-straciatella ice cream.

Roasted Strawberry - Coconut - striaciatella

The roasting of the fruit makes the flavor of the strawberries more intense, the coconut gives it a fresh twist and the bitter chocolate is a nice contrast to the sweet ice cream and makes for a nice little crunch. I think all of us need to have a tub filled with this in the fridge as an emergency kit for the next heatwave.

Roasted Strawberry - Coconut - striaciatella ice cream

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