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I’ve been seeing recipes for Dutch Babies all over the internet. I didn’t understand their name, because these fluffy pancakes are really not Dutch. It was when I read Wiki that I understood that they have nothing to do with the Netherlands or Dutch people. Accordingly they were introduced in Seattle and derived their name from the German word Deutsch (which means German) which sounds like Dutch. What an anticlimax.

Except for the use of buttermilk, these pancakes are the real-Dutch-deal. They’re less fluffy than Dutch Babies and a bit heavier, but oh so delicious. Normally these pancakes are made with milk, but the buttermilk makes them a bit more airy. Dutch pancakes are mostly eaten as dinner, because they’re savory and pretty heavy. Won’t be a punishment to eat these as a breakfast though. This recipe makes decent sized pancakes, fairly small ones I would even say. In Dutch pancake restaurants they serve enormous plates with enormous pancakes filled with whatever you like. My favourite is with bacon and cheese and topped with large amounts of syrup. Afterwards I’m not able to walk anymore, but I’ll enjoy it while eating.

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