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This years Christmas Eve was maybe the best I’ve ever had. I went out for a fancy dinner with friends and even though the food was amazing, I enjoyed the company I was in the most. ¬†We played Secret Santa and this peanut brittle was part of the gift I put together for one of my best friends. Not sure if he deserved it though, since he’d laughed at me during breakfast when I told him I had to spend Christmas Day working on a paper. On top of that, he forgot his presents at the bar we visited after dinner.¬†Luckily, not thanks to him though, the package ended up safely in his room and he’s told me that he ate more of the peanut brittle than he cares to admit. Of course hearing that makes up for his douchy behavior immediately.

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These cute little fudgy candies are pretty delicious. Because they’re bitesize it’s tempting to keep eating them.

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