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All of the teachers at my internship are, unlike me, overseas Chinese and Chinese is their mother tongue, which means I can learn a lot from them, either by practicing my Chinese or observing their teaching methods. It also means I served these brownies with a ridiculous amount of chocolate in them during the break to compensate for the lack of a Chinese nationality (kidding), but maybe also a bit to calm my first-day-of-internship nerves. Of course the day went great and there was nothing to be nervous for to begin with, and at night my roommates and me went to Amsterdam to go to the movies followed by a Chinese dinner. 

Ridiculous brownie

Chinese restaurants sometimes have two menus, one for the tourists or Dutch people who are complete idiots when it comes to Chinese food, eating with chopsticks or just anything Chinese. And there’s the menu for the Chinese people who know what they’re dealing with. So when we were handed a menu mostly in Dutch, I asked the waiter (who was probably the same age as us) politely if he also had a Chinese version. The conversation went as followed:

Him: Well.. I do.. but I’m assuming you don’t speak Chinese.

Me: Well.. I do..

Him, raising his eyebrows: You can speak Chinese?

Me: Yeah.. I actually had my first teaching day today.

Him, in a cute voice: Aah, you had your first Chinese class today?

Me, smiling a bit uncomfortably: No, I taught my first Chinese class today.

Him, still not believing me: So you think you can read those characters on the menu?

Me: Sure..

Ridiculous brownie 2

He still didn’t believe me, but at least he gave me the Chinese menu and added in a skeptical tone “if you need any help, just let me know”. Later when I ordered in Chinese, the flustered waiter didn’t respond back in it, except for a clumsy “ok”. And then it occurred to me that he probably was fluent in Cantonese, but my Mandarin was way better than his. For the rest of the night he tried to avoid our table as much as possible.

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Brownie Bites

Brownie cookies, need I say more?

I won’t anyway, cause I’m going to jump on my bike now and cycle to the beach and let my freakishly white skin catch some sunlight.

Have a great day!

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It’s no coincidence that the posts of two of the best brownies I’ve ever made, this one and this one, have crappy pictures. When these fudgy monsters come out of the oven, the only thing I want to do is dive right in and treat myself on a piece of sticky chocolate gooeyness, but just when I’m about to do that, I have to remind myself that I should take pictures first. The little self-control I have just allows me to take a couple of lucky shots before I take a piece, or two, ok, maybe three. And as you can actually see – busted – I couldn’t even restrain myself from slicing the whole thing up and snatching a couple of pieces before taking the pics.


After having to take two trains, two plains and a cab ride to get from Amsterdam to Beijing while being sick, I arrived in my dorm room completely exhausted and jet lagged, but luckily these fudgy miracle workers helped me feel better. The caramel gave me the energy kick my body needed and the chocolate helped me to get over the pity party I was having. And I’m pretty sure they’ll help you feel better whatever problems you’re having, but let’s be honest, no one needs an excuse to take a little bite of these salted caramel brownies.


I know the brownie in this picture doesn’t even come close to the looks of the beautiful original, but it sure tasted amazing. They already taste wonderful immediately after taking them out of the oven (watch out not to burn your mouth on the dangerously hot caramel), but they taste heavenly the day after.

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This brownie is the best brownie I ever made – I mean it. It has almost a pound of dark chocolate in it – in 3 ways may I add – and prunes that have been soaking in liquor for 3 days. I didn’t mind that I could only take this crappy picture below, I just didn’t have the patience to take some extra shots, because I couldn’t wait any longer to dive into this divine fudgy chocolate monster.

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I made these blondies a couple of days ago, right before I went to bed. When I took them out of the oven, I left them to cool in my room – because I live in a student house, my room is my living room and my bedroom in one – and went to bed. The smell of baked peanut-chocolate deliciousness that came from the baking tin was heavenly and it put me into a wonderful sleep. Life sucks.

I’ve never made blondies before, never even tasted one. Although I have to admit, now that I’ve finally tried one, that I’m more a brownie-lover, I really enjoyed eating these fine little blondies.

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When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to make these fudgy brownies. I’ve never seen a recipe with such bizarre large quantities of butter, chocolate and sugar and with as little flour in it.

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Dit is echt het simpelste recept voor goddelijke brownies! Ik zie mezelf in de toekomst de banaan ook wel wisselen voor ander fruit, zoals kersen misschien?!

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Recipe from The Wednesday Chef.

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