Last week we had the last get together with my boyfriend’s family before everyone is going to travel for the summer or, in our case, is going abroad to study. My boyfriend’s brother, who also made the delicious food for the barbecue we had a while ago, made spare-ribs and oh my, they were good!

As side dishes I made a cucumber salad, a carrot salad and a lentil salad. I also made my own mayonnaise, garlic sauce and spicy sriracha mayonnaise. But needless to say, this evening was all about the ribs. Everyone started binging on the ribs and we just had some salad to get the feeling we had a balanced meal.

We thought we wouldn’t have enough food – which off course was a pretty naive thought – and when everyone got over the worst part of their foodcoma’s, we took out a cake tin full of blackberry parfait and a humongous brownie.

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