My name is Marte, I’m a 21 22 23-year-old girl from the Netherlands. Every second of the day my thoughts ponder over food: when I’m eating breakfast I’m thinking about what to eat for lunch, and when I’m devouring my lunch I’m already craving dinner. If I would talk as much about food as often as I’m thinking about it, all my friends would run away screaming. So my solution is this blog, I can write down all these obsessive thoughts and share the food with my friends without bothering them.

Other than thinking about food all day long I also like to travel, especially to get to know new foods, but also to learn new languages, cultures and people from all over the world. I’ve been studying in Beijing since a year and I’m hoping to graduate next summer (2014). I’m living on campus without a kitchen and this often drives me crazy, but I can assure you, eating out three times a day (aka no groceries and no washing up to do) is really easy getting used to.

On my blog I will post recipes, my experiences of living in Beijing as a foreigner, and my travelling (China, Europe) pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please feel free to leave a message, and I hope you’ll say hello!

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33 Responses to “About”

  1. kevin zhou

    welcome to China!~ im a chinese boy in shanghai. if u want to go to visit shanghai u can contact me ( zhouyuzhi66@gmail.com)
    im really glad to show u around the city and introduce some delicious for u. hah~

    • martetatin

      Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment. I’m actually still living in the Netherlands, but planning on going to China next year – but I think I will be going to Beijing. Thanks for the offer!

  2. Emma Mayfair Mum

    You have a student kitchen and you’re cooking up stuff like this?!
    *hangs head in shame at memories of beans on toast in my day*
    Man are you studying the wrong course. Or did you do cookery school already?! Great new look on the blog btw (didn’t see the old look but loving the pictures – good enough to eat!) :D

    • martetatin

      Hi Emma – your post made me laugh: while I was reading it, I was having my dinner that consisted of oatmeal and yoghurt, whoops. So it’s not like that all day every day. I haven’t done cookery school, but I’ve had a job at a patisserie and having a different job that involves cooking at the moment. I still love studying Chinese and I hope I’ll be able to combine these two passions in the (near) future.

  3. Qing-yi

    Hey Marte!

    Hoe is het ermee? Wat heb je een leuke website met mooie foto’s! Ziet er echt superlekker uit allemaal!

    Heb je inmiddels je Ba afgerond? en wat zijn verder je plannen? :)

    Groetjes! xx


    • martetatin

      Hey Qing-yi! Dankjewel! :) Ik heb inmiddels al mijn papers ingeleverd, maar ben nog op een aantal cijfers aan het wachten. Als het goed is begin ik in september met een Teaching Chinese as a Second Language master in Beijing, maar ik ben nog aan het wachten op de admission letter. Hopelijk krijg ik die deze week.. En jij? Is het nog gelukt met je scriptie? En wat ga je volgend jaar doen? Liefs

  4. Qing-yi

    Wat leuk zeg! Ik ben sinds juni afgestudeerd, ben nu even aan het werk en ga in september beginnen met de Master Interculturele communicatie in Utrecht, lekker dicht bij huis dus :) Heel veel succes in Beijing! Spannend! xx

  5. mango.shenanigans

    i am LOVING your photos and your blog!!
    so jealous you are abroad…and in Beijing no less!!
    good for you…i will be coming back for food-porn-photos :D

    • martetatin

      Thank you so much for your compliments, you really made my day (even though this is quite a late reply)! I have been following your blog for quite a while now; your pictures are amazing!

  6. Bloomin' Escape DIY Home, Cakes, Gardens and more

    Hello! I am nominating you for a Sunshine award! I found your blog the first day I started blogging, I too love cooking and baking. I am always excited to see other food lovers creations and have enjoyed all of your posts and pics! Thankyou! Please go to my page to find out how the sunshine award works! It is a pay it forward award!:)

  7. Nadine

    Hi there!
    I’m really glad I stumbled upon your blog (I can’t believe I haven’t come across it before). I love Asian cuisine and reading about your experiences in China it really make me want to travel there too. I also really like your vibrant pictures and style of writing, and, of course, your recipes look like they’re very tasty too – keep up the good work!

    Best wishes from a fellow Dutch foodie,

    • martetatin

      Hi Nadine, dankjewel voor je lovende complimenten! En dankjewel dat ik nu ook bij jouw blog terecht ben gekomen; al je baksels zien er echt vet mooi en professioneel uit.

  8. sylviadewy

    Hi Marte, u r in Beijing. I had been there in my childhood days its a nice place. I would like to get to know new recipes from your end. Keep on sharing them!

    • martetatin

      Hi Sylvia – Beijing nowadays must be so different from the Beijing that you’ve seen in your childhood, I wish I could’ve seen it then, when more of the old parts were still there.

  9. Quiche And Tell

    Hello! I just nominated your blog for The Liebster Award. All you have to do is visit my blog quicheandtell.wordpress.com for more information and the rules of the award. If you choose to accept this nomination, kindly include your answers to the following questions in your acceptance post:

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    Can you think of one dish that would define your personality?
    Name 3 reasons why home cooks can be considered on par with chefs.
    If you had the money, name one cause that you would support.
    What is toughest challenge you face while cooking?
    What would your last meal on earth be?
    What is your dream holiday destination?
    Congratulations on the nomination! Happy cooking and blogging!


    Supriya Kutty


  10. bragnbutter

    Hey Marte! I love your About Section – Obsessive Compulsive Cooking Disorder is definitely something I can relate to :) Great recipes too. Looking forward to more of them. Greets- Tobi

  11. lizziethelazystudentcook

    Hi Marte! I love that I just stumbled upon this blog – I’ll definitely be following you from now on…
    Your about section made me smile, I’m glad to see that there are other professed food obsessors out there :)


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