A lot has happened since my last post: I wrote my thesis, held my defense, graduated from my Master’s program in Beijing, decided to stay in China, looked for jobs, did a couple of internships and found how I can combine my food obsession with a job that doesn’t include slaving away in a kitchen.

Also, after two years of not cooking and mostly eating oily and unhealthy campus food, I was done with leaving my health in the hands of others and decided to take back responsibility. I’m cooking again, eating more veggies for breakfast than I used to eat in an entire week and staying away from cheap, unhealthy meals on the Beijing streets.

Living a healthy lifestyle in Beijing is definitely challenging, but nothing we can’t handle. To share my experiences, and to help and inspire others to take health into their ownhands I’ve up the new Martetatin. Here I will share my tips & tricks to living healthy in Beijing. Here you can find healthy recipes, a healthy hotspot map for Beijing, food for thought and a glimpse into my Beijing life.

Hop on over to the new me, have a look and please drop me a message!


I’m still working on the new site, fixing things here and there, but things should be looking perfect in no time.