The moment I had longed for finally came, I could take out my tiny summer dresses, get rid of my terminally ill looking pale skin and switch from hot coffee with condensed milk to the iced version (short-term cooling off, long-term stomach problems: ice isn’t necessarily made from clean water).

My three days in Hoi An were total bliss: lots of good eating (seriously, that banh mi was the best), sizzling in the sun, morning bike ride to the beach (aka getting sunburned at 9 am), more bike rides (I’m too Dutch to function – riding a bike feels like home to me), visiting the My Son sanctuary and getting some cheap tailor-made shoes and dresses (whoops, this was not included in the budget).

Hoi An Vietnam 7
Cao Lầu – chewy noodles with pork meat, bean sprouts, herbs, casave chips and soy sauce.

Hoi An Vietnam 2
I sometimes forget this in Beijing, but skies don’t necessarily need to be smoggy. 

Hoi An Vietnam 3

Hoi An Vietnam 4

Hoi An Vietnam 5

Hoi An Vietnam 6

Hoi An Vietnam 8
So hard to get used to. Not.

Hoi An Vietnam 9

Hoi An Vietnam 10
I will never ever go to a new city and not check out the local market.

Hoi An Vietnam 12

Get ready for the best Banh Mi in the world.

Crunchy bread smeared with unidentifiable (but highly appreciated) sauces, cucumber, tomato, lightly pickled veggies, paté, more unidentifiable meat and fresh herbs. (Key: the more things in your food are unidentifiable, the better).

Hoi An Vietnam 1
Enjoy in silence.

Getting up early pays off: the beach is all mine.

The love of my life.




I really started to appreciate smaller cities during this holiday. Who needs to live in a city with smogged filled air and long commutes 20 million people anyway?

DIY: Get a small cup of strong, fragrant Vietnamese coffee with just the right amount of condensed milk in it and a glass of ice. Pour coffee over ice. Enjoy.

Phở bò happened. Like I wasn’t sweating enough already.


Hoi An Vietnam



Bánh xèo – pancake-thingy made of rice batter, stuffed with a little bit of pork, shrimps, diced green onion and bean sprouts. Roll it into a rice papper wrap and stuff with fresh mint, basil and more fragrant herbs and dip into a sweet and sour fish sauce. Stuffing things is always good.


5 Responses to “Hoi An, Vietnam.”

  1. Aramaki Phuong

    I’m glad you were having a good time in Da Nang. And so glad too that the scorching sun wasn’t much of your problem yeah ^^

  2. Lauren H.

    All your travels look amazing!! I love your photos, this really makes me want to visit Vietnam! The food looks especially delicious and wholesome. If you’re interested in growing fresh, wholesome foods, you should check out!


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