From Hanoi it takes about 4 hours by bus to get to Halong Bay, from there you board one of many boats available and sail the bay in one, two or even up to ten days. My time was limited and the weather wasn’t too great, so I was only able to go on a day trip. We cruised around the incredibly beautiful bay, passed by water villages and kayaked through some caves. Life is pretty sweet.

Halong Bay 1

Halong Bay 2
Halong Bay 3
Halong Bay 4
Halong Bay 5
Halong Bay 6
Halong Bay 7
Halong Bay 8
Halong Bay 9


4 Responses to “Halong Bay, Vietnam.”

    • martetatin

      Hihi I have the same feeling! I already got back 1.5 weeks ago, and have been editing and uploading my pictures since. Looking at the pics makes me want to go back so badly! My itinerary was as followed: Hanoi, Halong Bay (+1 more day of Hanoi), Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, 3 day Easy Rider motor tour from Da Lat to Saigon (not sure where we went exactly, around Dak Lak and the Cambodian border) and I ended my trip in Saigon, It was sooo good!


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