For my meals in Hanoi I mostly relied on this genius and the recommendations of my hostel, which actually pretty much overlapped. My big time favorites: coffee with condensed milk and sticky rice, xoi. Oh boy, I’m just salivating at the thought right now.

Of course I had the must-have Phở, aka beef noodle soup, in the city where it originates from, but I was just too greedy to have the patience to take a decent picture before devouring it.


Cha ca – Fish sauteed in dill and turmeric and served with rice noodles, peanuts, fresh herbs and fish sauce.


Bun cha – Grilled pork patties with rice noodles, herbs, bamboo shoots? and spring roll kinda thingies?


The first time I drank the Vietnamese hot coffee with condensed milk felt like I had just sniffed some coke (at least that’s how imagine it to be), such an intense sensation and addicted from the first sip.

French Pastry Vietnam Hanoi

Could not not go into a fancy French pastry shop. Figured I also had to try the French influences.

Xoi Hanoi Vietnam

Other new addiction: Xoi xeo, aka sticky rice. This version with roasted meat (char siu kinda style), chicken and paté. Served with lightly pickled cucumber and finished with a cup of warm soy milk. Hanoi, we have a winner.


Banh cuon – thin rice rolls (they make them fresh just in front of the shop) filled with ground pork and wood ear mushrooms, topped with fried shallots and served with fresh herbs and fish sauce.

Eel Noodles Vietnam Hanoi

Mien Xao Luon – Glass noodles stir fried with egg and bean sprouts, served with deep fried mini eels, fresh cucumber, herbs and fried shallots. I definitely jizzed in my pants.


Last meal in Hanoi, had to finish with my beloved xoi. This time with a spiced, boiled egg, sausage, paté and I don’t have a clue what the other two things were. Once again, served with the cucumbers and soy milk.


5 Responses to “Eating my way through Hanoi.”

  1. bebeejoetieful

    Your post makes me so hungry Haha. Love Vietnamese food :)


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