Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year 2


Last year I celebrated this holiday with one of my Chinese friends and his family, but this year my friend stayed in Germany – where he lives with his newly wed German husband – in order to avoid some family fights and I ended up celebrating it with my foreign friends. We shared a steamy and spicy hotpot dinner, watched fireworks at the lake in the middle of Beijing – while learning that safety measures are highly overrated – and we ended the night in a bar.

Chinese New Year 3

For the last couple of weeks everything has been closed on campus, and for the last week also nearly everything in the rest of the city(/country). I kinda (aka big time) underestimated how much would be closed, so I didn’t stock up enough with food. Nice prep work. Obviously I’m not the only 老外 with this problem: you can see foreigners flocking together in search for food everywhere in the city. Today is the last day of the week-long national holiday, so tomorrow the entire country, including myself, will get back to work and everything will be like before.

Chinese New Year

Being so fed up with the Beijing winter, trying to escape my thesis and my lack of focus due to the lack of having a kitchen, made me book a trip to Vietnam last week. So in 12 days I will take a 34-hour train ride to Nanning, a Chinese city close to the border of Vietnam, where I will take a 7-hour bus ride to Hanoi in the north and from there I will have two weeks to eat my way through Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh City in the south where I will take a plane back to Beijing. It will be one big foodporn-fest, can’t wait!

Pictures taken by Elmer Chen.


7 Responses to “Happy Chinese New Year + Trip to Vietnam.”

  1. gastronomiette

    So jealous. Have fun! Make sure you try all the local specialties, and the soups! They are so good there, you forget about the crazy humidity.

    Also you’ve gotta stop in Hoi An for some beautiful small countryside/beachside life, and the seafood is sooo good.

    And eat local fruits! Rambutan, cherimoya, papaya, like five different varieties bananas… agh there is too much :’)

    • martetatin

      Wow, thank you so much for all your tips! If you want to share any more of your valuable Vietnamese food knowledge, I am all ears (/eyes?)! By the way, just took a look at your blog and I love it. Very cool how you experiment with all these new ingredients!

  2. Aramaki Phuong

    Hi there. Just came across your blog and heard the news about your coming to Vietnam. When you get to HCMC in the South and don’t know where to go, check out saigonhotpot.com. It’s a voluntary club I used to work, offering free city tours led by local students. And no, we don’t try to practice English with you but to give you an insight to what it’s like in Ho Chi Minh City – Sai Gon.

    And this is not an ad either.

    Have fun in Vietnam :)


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