This must have been the longest period that I haven’t posted anything here on Martetatin. The past couple of weeks have been one big emotional roller coaster ride, so much has happened since I talked about polenta pizza and bacon wrapped dates, I just didn’t have the energy to take a moment and write.

When I last posted I was still in the Netherlands, since then I have packed all of my belongings in boxes, sold most of my furniture, ended my apartment contract, moved all of my stuff to my parents attic (thanks for the help!), said goodbye to friends and family and used my one-way ticket to get on a plane to Beijing. And back in China I’ve been trying to get my life in order again.

This year will be my last year as a (fulltime) student, before I will enter the world of the grown ups. So I’d better make full use of the next couple of months and figure out what it is exactly that I want to do when I grow up. But for now I’ll just eat a piece of my home made cheesecake (more on that later) in my new favorite coffee shop/restaurant and write a new post. It’s good to be back.

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