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Polenta pizza

When my mom, a hardcore gourmet, met my dad, he was following a modest macrobiotic diet (suffice to say, he is not anymore). In those early years my dad sometimes made polenta for my mom, and according to her it was horrible. I always thought polenta was flavorless, dull food for hippies, cause that’s the image I got from my mom. Every time she heard the word polenta, she would jump up and share the polenta trauma my dad had caused her.

Polenta pizza 2

In the last couple of years I saw more and more recipes with polenta, and I had to admit they kinda looked appetizing. So on one adventurous day I decided that I wanted to try it for myself, I made Yvette’s recipe and I loved every bite of it. After I finished my dinner I immediately called my mom to tell her that it might have been my dad’s lacking cooking skills (kidding, dad) or her prejudices, but when made correctly, there is nothing boring about polenta. She stayed sceptic, but I for one am a complete convert.

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Bacon wrapped dates might not be anything new to you, but until two days ago they were to me. After making this incredible delicious Ottolenghi salad with dates in it, I decided to make a lot more with this sticky little fruit. So for my new recipe video I made these bacon wrapped dates – I kept them as simple as possible, but of course you can fill the dates with cream cheese, other kinds of cheese or almonds – and I just pulled a banana-date cake out of the oven.

Bacon wrapped dates

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I’ve booked my ticket back to Beijing, which means I’m going back in a little over a month. Mixed feelings (as usual) about me moving back, but I’m mostly feeling excited. This upcoming month I’ll be very busy studying for a big Chinese test, hanging out with friends and visiting family, teaching little kids Chinese (culture) as my internship, but mostly I’ll be cooking up a storm and posting it either on this blog, or on my youtube channel.

Spinach date almond salad

Let’s talk about this salad. Actually, there’s not a lot to tell, accept that it’s a recipe from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem, and knowing this should be enough reason to try it out. Ottolenghi is a genius when it comes to comparing exciting textures, pungent flavors and gorgeous colors. I haven’t heard anyone reviewing his latest book in a negative way, and I will definitely not be the first.

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