A couple of years ago, on a lazy morning, my boyfriend at the time and me were spooning when I told him I was in the mood for something. The poor guy got his hopes up, until I told him I was desperately craving that succulent tender and crispy fried chicken from the night market in Taipei that we had many, many times the summer before.

Of all the amazing things I’ve eaten in my life (needless to say.. I’ve eaten a lot), that fried chicken is one of my favorites. Not only the chicken itself was perfect, but also the ambiance couldn’t get any better. On some of the steamy, tropical summer nights I would get a big piece of chicken, a super sweet drink and devour it all sitting on some stairs outside while loud R&B music and advertisements were blasting from the speakers, and afterwards I would get a massage. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

That chicken in Taipei (and later in Shanghai) is my favorite, but I’m a sucker for any kind of fried chicken. These little babies also really get me going. First they’re marinated in buttermilk for six hours, later they’re covered in a mixture of flour and all the necessary spices and finally they’re deep fried till the meat is tender and the outside is incredibly crispy.

Recipe from foodwishes.com

As you can see, I didn’t debone and used a whole chicken, but I worked with drumsticks.


16 Responses to “Buttermilk fried chicken.”

    • martetatin

      Ah man, I wish I grew up with fried chicken. I think the first time I tasted the real deal was that time in Taipei, and I was 19. I missed out on many years of eating the best thing in the world. How did you or your parents used to prepare the chicken?

    • martetatin

      You’ve made me curious! Guess I just have to book a ticket and research all the delicious fried Chicken the Taiwanese food markets have to offer.

  1. about sean's food

    This fried chicken looks amazing! I love any fried chicken, except KFC, and have never tried cooking it using Chinese/Taiwanese flavours before. I’ll have to give it go this weekend. Thanks.

    • martetatin

      My weakness for fried chicken is so big, I even enjoy KFC. This recipe isn’t really Asian, but very tasty nonetheless. Let me know how it turned out!

  2. Holly Deakins

    This succulent image is not helping my 30 day challenge! I will be sure too try the recipe on day 31!

  3. thetraveltotaste

    How can anyone not love fried chicken! We had great Korean fried chicken at Danji in New York, I love dredging the drumsticks in a mixture of flour, cumin and ground Szechuan pepper before frying and drizzling with honey and fresh chilli. Mmm hunger pains growing!


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