I had this meatloaf recipe bookmarked since April and it stood high on the very long list of things that I wanted to make after being back from a kitchen-less year. Since I’m back I’ve made it three times already, mostly because I couldn’t get this sandwich out of my head.

Meatloaf Chipotle 1

While making this meatloaf for the first time, I started thinking about pairing a slice of this juicy, spicy meatloaf with some nutty Leicester cheese I’d bought in Oxford and that had been waiting in my fridge for the right opportunity to be used, so I decided I would save a slice of the meatloaf so I could make this sandwich. But then my roommates kept on eating and non of the meatloaf was left.

Meatloaf Chipotle 2

So I made it a second time, this time making the meatloaf a bit bigger and definitely expecting to end up with some leftovers, but then the suckers did it again. So for our last dinner with our roommates I made the meatloaf so ridiculously big, even the guys were impressed with the humongous unit I pulled out of the oven. And this time there was some left, but only because I’d been guarding it with my life during dinner.

Meatloaf Chipotle 3

Yesterday I finally accomplished creating the sandwich: the flavorful meatloaf and the nutty cheese were paired together between two slices of really good rye/whole wheat bread and the sandwich was fried in a generous amount of butter. It turned out to be even better than in my wildest sandwich dreams.

Meatloaf Chipotle 4

Meatloaf recipe from The Homesick Texan Cookbook via The Wednesday Chef.

I made way more glaze than the recipe cals for, but I froze the leftovers in ice cube trays and later put all of these chipotle-glaze ice cubes in a container. This way I can take out small amounts of chipotle sauce whenever I need it, for instance to add to stir-fried shrimps or chicken.

The only thing that could make this better might be some kind of pickles added between the meatloaf and the cheese.

Top a slice of bread with some cheese, a slice of meatloaf and some more cheese. Maybe add some pickles or anything else that you would like in between. Top with another slice of bread.

Melt some butter in a pan. When the butter is hot add the sandwich, fry on one side till brown, flip over and repeat.



7 Responses to “Meatloaf with chipotle glaze and a scrumptious sandwich.”

  1. about sean's food

    Your meatloaf sandwich sounds absolutely scrummy! The only addition I would make, which you actually suggested, would be some sort of pickle, or a suitable chutney, maybe mango? I’ll have to make it first to be sure what will taste the best. Thanks for the awesome idea!

    • martetatin

      Thanks! I can think of more terrible things than making this sandwich multiple times to try out the different pickles/chutneys ;) Let me know what you like best!


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