A couple of weeks ago, a friend and me visited another friend who studied at Oxford this year. Both of them used to be my housemates and I met up with both of them individually in Beijing this year, so it was extremely fun that we were able to hang out with the three of us together. This little trip was enough laugh therapy for the next couple of years, I died laughing every single second.

Apart from it being really fun, it was also a bit unrealistic. I left my socialist looking (it is People’s University after all) on Friday morning, spent a couple of nights back home and was in Oxford on Monday night. The contrast between huge, crowded, smoggy Beijing with my crappy campus and the beautiful, old, elitist Oxford with its beautiful colleges made my head spin.

This is just a small collection of the hundreds of pictures we took in those couple of days. After filtering out all the pics where we make weird faces and do stupid stuff (= all of them), these remained.

My friend’s college looks waaaayy nicer than my campus.

After eating noodles and dumplings for so many months (not complaining, though) this meal tasted incredible good. Simple, but so delicious.

The town of Oxford is small and incredibly pretty.

Students on their way to the exams. When attending an exam wearing these clothes is mandatory.

Cute candy shop.

Punting in style; with some bubbles.

While the guys were sweating their asses off punting, I was enjoying this. 

The gardens look spectacular all over town.

I underestimated the size of the Full English Breakfast. (I hope) it goes without saying I did not finish my plate.

Sending a postcard to my granddad, some sights could look familiar. 

Why can’t my campus look like this?


One afternoon we made a trip to the countryside, the weather was perfect and the surroundings were beautiful. I prefer these skies over these any time.

We made a stop at this picturesque inn where we ordered all kinds of delicious stuff. Like these..

English beers..

Not so English but incredibly delicious platter full of goodness..

And to top it off this apple-rhubard crumble with the perfect custard (look at those vanilla speckles!)

Pictures had to be taken of the amazing landscape. And apparently also of me taking pictures of the amazing landscape..

It didn’t feel right to leave the UK without having had fish and chips. 

Really? Can it get even prettier?

This Brittish handpie was devoured while we were waiting at the airport for our flight back home.


7 Responses to “Oxford, UK.”

  1. martetatin

    Thanks guys! Damn, so not only was my breakfast way too big, but apparently it was also not the right one.. Tell me then, what does a real authentic English breakfast include?

    • AJollyGoodEgg

      Well, it varies, but can include any or all of the following: eggs (most often fried or scrambled), bacon, sausage, toast or fried bread – yuck, tomatoes (grilled/tinned), black pudding – double yuck, mushrooms or baked beans. Brown sauce or ketchup optional. Quite an assortment of different foods…definitely no cheese, though – that’d make it greasy! ;)

      • martetatin

        Haha that’s a good one ;) So everything except for cheese.. I guess I’ll just have to go back and get myself a real one then

  2. nosharingplease

    Top favorites in your post: the apple rhubarb crumble, the handpie and the fish and chips. *drooool* very tempting photos


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