I’ve been back in the Netherlands since two weeks already.

It’s nice being back again, but it’s not really how I expected it to be.


Without noticing, I told my mother the day after coming back I had trouble getting used to Dutch food (sandwiches for breakfast and lunch) again, cause I never eat bread back home. Back home? So apparently Beijing is home now.

When I’m buying food and wondering if something is expensive or not I convert euros to Chinese yuan. So I’m converting my own currency to a foreign one cause I’ve lost my sense of value of euros.

I have big troubles getting used to using a knife and a fork again, or more using both my hands to hold utensils to eat. So I prefer using chopsticks over knife and fork.

This is the first time coming back from living in a big Asian city for a couple of months or more and really realizing that everything in the Netherlands looks ilke one tiny, little village. This is something I found picturesque and made me feel at home before, but now it makes me feel so ill at ease and out of place.


I wonder how long it will take me to readjust this time. I also wonder when I go back to China in a couple of months if I’ll write another whining post on how I don’t feel at ease in Beijing anymore and prefer my Dutch home. Something about grass always being greener on the other side..

Recipe adapted from Hutong Cuisine.

Round cabbage, about 170 g
a few dried chilies, seeds removed
1/3 tsp salt
3 tbsp oil (canola or sunflower)

Tear cabbage into small pieces. Bring a big pan with water to a boil, add the cabbage and cook for about 10 seconds. Take the cabbage out just before the water starts to boil again. Put the cabbage in a bowl, add the salt and stirr well.

Cook the oil in a big metal spoon over a low flame. Add the chili and cook them until they start to turn brown. Pour the chili with the oil over the cabbage. Mix well.



2 Responses to “Stir-fried cabbage – 炝圆白菜.”

  1. raastha

    I am not a great cook and little lies my interest in cooking that developed recently. For this is a simple recipe, i am gonna try. Thank a lot.


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