I’ll have two tests on Thursday and two papers due this weekend. What I would normally do in these circumstances, when I would be home that is, is to lock myself in the kitchen and start procrastinating by baking and cooking like a madman. I still have to wait 3 more nights until I’m back in my (even though I’m sharing it with 7 others, I like to think it is completely mine) kitchen, so for now I’ll just have to stick with talking about it.


I made this cake last winter on my short visit home and every single person who tasted it was smitten with it. The cake is moist and sticky and the coconut and lemon make it taste fresh and light. Last winter it gave me the feeling that the days were not as cold and dark as they actually were and I’m imagining that when I would eat it in summer, the coconut and lemon would cool me down from the summer heat.

Recipe from My Little Expat Kitchen.

The thing I changed about the recipe is the lemon peel: Instead of peeling the lemon and adding whole pieces of peel to the syrup, I just zested a lemon and added the zest. As a result I had little pieces of zest on top of my cake, but no one seemed to mind.


15 Responses to “Coconut and lemon cake.”

  1. Magda

    Hello there! I’m so happy you enjoyed my recipe and thanks for linking back to it.
    Your ravani looks perfect!

    The main reason the whole lemon peel is added to the syrup (apart from the flavor it imparts) is so that the syrup doesn’t crystallize. It is the Greek way of making sugar syrup, instead of for example adding glucose to it.

    The grated lemon zest must have tasted nice on top of the cake :)

    • martetatin

      Thanks! Ah I didn’t know that, what a great method. And I thought, if this summer stays crappy and typically Dutch, this cake could be our sunshine and cheer us up :)

  2. gottagetbaked

    Good luck with school, girl! I hope you have lots of this bright, summery, delicious cake to tide you over until all those pesky exams and papers are finished!

    • martetatin

      Thank you! There was no cake to help me get through the deadlines, but there is plenty of it now during the holiday ;)

  3. trangquynh

    this cake will be the perfect treat for summer, it looks so moist and beautiful ^^ btw good luck with your tests and paper, everything is gonna be great !!

  4. Claire

    I can’t work out how to actually view the recipe on here, can you help?

    • martetatin

      Hi Claire – Because I used someone else’s recipe, I put a link to her blog (My Little Expat Kitchen) in the bottom of this post. You can find the recipe for this amazing cake behind that link. Enjoy!


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