A couple of weeks ago my parents came to visit me in Beijing. And if that wasn’t special enough, I picked up my friend at the airport a minute before saying goodbye to my parents when they went back home again. It was really nice seeing them, catching up and showing them the city where I’ve been living for the past nine months.


One thing was a bit hard though; my guests were quite the picky eaters, so I always had to keep their demands in the back of my mind while ordering food. My parents didn’t want to eat spicy and they felt a bit uncomfortable in the back alley places where I love going, so we went to the little bit more fancy ones (not complaining, thanks for all those dinners, papa en mama). When my friend was here I took her to those back alley places and the canteens on campus and she loved them, but then she turned out not to be a fan of my all time favorite: noodles. There’s such a big variety of noodles available in Beijing and I eat noodles almost every single day, so I thought it was pretty difficult to give them up for two weeks.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved having my parents and friend over,  but I’m glad I can eat whatever I want now. This means that I’ve been filling my belly with all kinds of noodles every single day since they’ve been gone.


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