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I went to Shanghai with the plan the eat my way through the city. I think I did quite a decent job, however, I wouldn’t mind going back another time to get some more pan fried soup dumplings or the weird, purple bean drink.

FriedSoupDumplingFried soup dumplings 生煎, at Yang’s fried dumplings.

IrishCoffeeIrish coffee with view over the Bund.

WaitingLineStanding in line for this crazy delicious drink..

WeirdDrinkSome kind of warm drink with purple beans in it, really delicious.

XiaoLongBaoSoup dumplings 小笼包 for breakfast, yes please.

PastriesTwo amazing pastries: the one on the left is savory, no idea what was in it. The one on the right is the best egg tart I’ve ever stuffed in my mouth, I extremely regret not getting more than one.

StandingInLine2Twenty meters away from the line for the crazy drink was this one: people waiting for their fried pork chop. When there’s a line like this all day, every day, you know it must be good.

PorkChopCutting up the pork chops.

PorkChopFried pork chop sprinkled with vinegar.

WontonSoupWonton soup at Din Tai Fung.

VitaminKickVitamin shot.

RamenJapanese for dinner: very good ramen and ..

JapaneseChickenChicken skewer with plum jam and grilled chicken skin, damn good.

ShengJianFried soup dumplings for breakfast, miss these so much.

CookieCravingsWestern food craving: chocolate chip cookie and Bakewell pastry.

IMG_3455Best Thai food I’ve ever had: mild spicy curry with roasted duck meat and pineapple, served with an infinite amount of prawn crackers and jasmine rice. And to top it off..

ThaiDessertBaked pastries filled with banana and covered in syrup and served with ice cream.

BestFriedChickenThe best fried chicken in the world. I’ve had this one before in Taiwan, but now the shop has expanded to Shanghai, so I could have it again – lucky me. Last time I wasn’t able to handle the “very spicy”  and I would just order regular spicy, but I was sure that by now, two and a half years later, I was able to conquer the 辣辣的. Tears were streaming down my face while I was eating the chicken, not sure if this was because it tasted exactly the same as I remembered and I loved every bite of this humongous monster, or maybe because it was so spicy it felt like I was on fire. Anyway, it was the best way to end my food adventure in Shanghai.

























I used to think that people who prefer Shanghai over Beijing were sissies. With all its Western influences it is much easier to live in Shanghai, but because of all these Western influences it could not be the real China. And I though only expats and people without any knowledge of China or the Chinese language would like it there, just because the real deal would be too hard for them.

Beijing is a rough city: the winter is intense, the influence of smog on your physical health and mental wellbeing is much bigger than I had expected, the dialect is ugly and hard, and many parts of the city are ugly with grey and dirty concrete buildings. Beijing has a lot of good food, but the food is often oily and covered in thick sauces. Shanghai on the other hand felt so light, there were many parks in the city and the streets were filled with trees. Shanghai is full of skyscrapers, but these look clean and the architecture is nice and there are whole neighbourhoods where you would think you’re in Europe instead of China. The food I had in Shanghai was extremely good, there’s a lot more variety and the flavors are light. And even though it is such a huge city, almost everything is walkable (when you’re able to walk at least).

So already after my first afternoon in Shanghai I had to admit to myself that either I was becoming a sissy too, or that living in Shanghai is just really enjoyable. Either way, I completely fell in love with the city and this was definitely not my last visit to Shanghai.














A couple of weeks ago I made a 5 day-trip to Shanghai. It was time to become more independent and I didn’t want anyone standing in the way between me and all the delicious food I was planning to eat. So no boyfriends, no friends, nor family to accompany me on this trip.

Due to going to a bar, a nighttime skype session and still having to pack my backpack at 4 am I set of for Shanghai without any sleep in the early morning. That lack of sleep came at handy, cause I had to share the room in my hostel with five snoring guys.

I loved every single minute of my trip, I loved walking the streets and parks of Shanghai, having conversations with locals, and most importantly: eating a lot of the sublime food the city has to over.

To be honest, I actually did not enjoy everything. Without any reason, my left foot started hurting about a week before going to Shanghai. I didn’t think it was necessary to go to the hospital (note: it’s a bit more of a fuss to go to a Chinese hospital than to the GP back home) and I figured my foot would heal on its own while walking the whole day in Shanghai. Surprisingly, the opposite happened. At the hospital I got some antibiotics and (highly appreciated) painkillers and the advice to ly down and rest. The result was a cripple girl gimping around the streets of Shanghai.

Anyway, these soup dumplings are one of my favorite Chinese foods (I think I say that in every post on Chinese food..). Admittingly, they are quite a fuss to make, but please don’t let this stop you from making them, cause when you bite into one of these it makes all your worries, and foot pain, go away.

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