I arrived at my parents’ place late last night. My dad made me bitterballen (a Dutch snack) and then they sent this tired jet-lagged girl to bed. I woke up before 6 am and immediately was energetic, it was already 1 pm in Beijing after all, so I got up and started my first day back home.


I think it goes without saying that one of the first things I did was baking a cake, or at least make an attempt. It didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped though. It started with using the wrong chocolate. I only realized that I had been chopping up milk chocolate when it was too late, so I decided to just use that one. And just when I patted myself on the shoulder for not letting the butter burn, I clumsily poured some of the sizzling hot butter over my own hand – ouch. I ended up whisking the eggs with my right hand and having my left hand under the cold tap to stop the cooking process of my fingers (sorry for killing your appetite).


But despite these small (painful) setbacks, I ended up with a delicious cake that has a crunchy outside, a soft inside and is filled with soft pieces of pear and chunks of chocolate. Having baked my first cake since almost 6 months makes me feel better than I’ve felt in a long time and it makes up for any burning fingers or mean jetlags.

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Even though I like the cake with milk chocolate, it would be so much better with dark chocolate. So unless you’re suffering from a jetlag, you should definitely use the darkest chocolate you can get.


5 Responses to “Pear and chocolate cake.”

  1. gottagetbaked

    The cake looks lovely! And I’m sorry to hear about the burnt hand – no pain no gain, right? I’m sure the taste of this cake made it all worth it!

  2. martetatin

    True and the cake does make up for it. Today I’ll make a second attempt of baking a cake without hurting myself, one without browning butter, but with sugar syrup. I see a potential hand burning here, wish me luck!


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