Chinese all over the world celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve last Saturday. I celebrated it here.


Like I had expected, there was a lot of food; three dinners in one night to be precise. It started with an early dinner at my friends’ paternal grandparents’ around 4, a second dinner at his aunt’s around 7 and we ended at midnight with the dumplings I had wrapped with his grandma that afternoon.


A lot of firecrackers were fired at New Year’s Eve, especially around dinnertime and midnight, but the biggest bangs were still to come. On New Year’s Day I woke up by something that sounded like there was a small army firing machine guns all over town, but especially around the apartment, around 5(!), apparently most of the firecrackers are being lit early in the morning. Reminder for next time: don’t forget to bring earplugs.


I filled the rest of the week with sleeping in, reading, joining for family visits, learning how to play Majiang and getting my ass kicked by a couple of old pros, a lot of eating, watching and trying to learn from my friends’ mom cooking, practicing my Chinese with his family and also one unfortunate (not a fan at all) visit to a karaoke club one afternoon.


Being able to celebrate Chinese New Year the Chinese way is another awesome China-experience I can add to the list.



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