Oh how I have been craving Western food. Chinese food is great; it’s delicious, it’s comforting and there is a lot of variation in the cuisine. But despite my love for Chinese food I’ve been secretly dreaming about Western food late at night. A plate of pasta carbonara or a slice of rustic sourdough bread topped with Dutch cheese have made regular appearances in my dreams.

Yesterday was my lucky night as we found ourselves getting dinner at a Western restaurant and as you can see in the pictures I had quite a decent meal. Actually this pizza was my friends’, when my pizza arrived I couldn’t wait to dig in so I forgot to make a picture. It was the first decent Western meal I had since I left the Netherlands and it tasted goood – it was a total jizz in the pants dinner. Maybe a pizza and a chocolate cake with ice cream as dessert isn’t the most spectacular meal ever, but it sure felt like one.


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