Most of Beijing is covered in big concrete buildings. There are only a couple of places left in the center of the city where the old neighborhoods haven’t been demolished (yet?) and where there are no high-rise buildings, the houses are small and the streets are narrow. Walking in these characteristic hutongs is one of my favorite things to do. I discover new things every time I walk through one of them, like really cool markets or incredibly delicious street food.

Last Saturday me and a friend visited the hutong near Houhai lake. After a couple of minutes walking in this neighborhood we bumped into a small, but busy street where there was lots of traffic: bicycles, motorbikes and cars trying to pass each other. There were stalls where they made hand pulled noodles, but also people selling veggies or various kinds of snacks. There were also cute kids doing their homework and ladies who were playing Mahjong. Very close to this street there were several markets: the first was a big indoor – and not so hygienic – meat/poultry/fish market and a little bit further down the road was a market where they had all random stuff like kitchen supplies, closets and electronics and finally we walked through an even bigger veggies and fruit market. Since the neighborhood with its markets was so authentic and there were no other tourists than ourselves I definitely prefer strolling around these neighborhoods in the weekend over the overcrowded touristy spots.


6 Responses to “Hutong – 胡同.”

    • martetatin

      Hi Trangquynh, sorry for not/late replying – thank you for all your replies and compliments! I am having lots of fun in China, but at the same time I’m missing my friends – and of course my kitchen – back home. But I really can’t complain. I also wanted to thank you for nominating me for the blog award! That I haven’t addressed it in a post is not because I’m not honored, cause I am, but I’m trying to focus as much on food and Beijing in my posts as much as possible.. Of course I’ve also been looking at your blog and I was wondering if I couldn’t find an “about” post cause I wasn’t looking properly or because there isn’t any? I’m quite curious who the person behind the blog posts is!

      • trangquynh

        yes, I have an “about” post, it’s name [TRANGQUYNH] on top of the page, but you don’t have to be curious cause I’m just a little ordinary girl ^^ Btw, you don’t need to be sorry about the nominated award, I know you’re busy in China, when I have chance to visit another country, I always like that, want to discover everything around and scared not to enjoy enough ;)
        All the things that matter is you’re enjoying your time in China and don’t forget to update regularly your blog so that everyone can share with you the joy xD
        Have a nice day,
        Trang Quynh

    • martetatin

      Hi Adriana, thanks for stopping by my blog – I hope you’ll enjoy the posts. I had a look at your blog and it looks really great!


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