Beijing is notoriously known for its pollution and smog filled skies. When my plane was about to land at Beijing airport I was trying to look out the windows to catch some glimpses of the city. Cause I couldn’t see a thing I thought we were still in the air when all of a sudden the plane landed on the ground. Since Beijing welcomed me with smog I was totally prepared to have smog all day, every day. I don’t know if the last couple of weeks have been exceptional or that it’s always the case in post-summer time, but we’ve been having a lot of clear blue skies. Just to give an idea how smoggy it can get: here are two pictures of the street just outside my campus (on the left you can see the beginning of a road leading to our East Gate). I took the pictures on different days, but with the same amazing camera (my iPhone) and I haven’t edited the pictures in a single way. It’s a good thing I never smoked, so now Beijing air can mess up my lungs in the next two years.


4 Responses to “Smoggy Beijing.”

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