It’s not that I haven’t been posting about the food that I’m eating that much because the food is no good, it’s just that we never ever cook here, so going out for food isn’t that special anymore. I still intensely enjoy every single meal I’m eating, but I always forget to make some pictures. Moreover, most of the times we are so hungry that we immediately dive in when the food appears on the table that there are no picture opportunities left.

One of the places where we had dinner this week was at this place which we lovingly call “the back alley place” and where we’ve been coming at least a couple of times a week. Since I cannot read all the dishes on the menu I have to guess a lot, but luckily with some help from the lady of the restaurant we end up having good food every time we go there. One of our favorite dishes is the big pile of Chinese style-French fries in the picture above. The dish is called 香辣土豆丝, translatable as fragrant spicy shredded potato and it basically consists of deep-fried very thin potato fries with big pieces of chilli and coriander. Even though the chillies really aren’t that hot they always end up being left behind on the plate.

The food on the picture was not all we had for dinner, but on the picture you can see some pork dumplings 水饺, really spicy dan dan noodles 担担面 and big bottles of Chinese beer. The hairy German arms weren’t on the menu.

*I’ve booked two full days of cooking classes in next weeks holiday, so I’ll definitely be posting about the dishes that I’ll be learning there.