I was able to control my baking cravings for 28 days. On the 29th day I made a cheesecake. But making the cake wasn’t to sooth my own needs, but it was to give one of my new friends in Beijing the birthday cake he deserved.

Making a cake in a small room in a dorm demands some creativity. I was only able to make a no-bake cake, since I don’t have an oven and because I didn’t take any of my tools with me, I either had to buy them new or try to think of creative ways to get the result I wanted. In the end it was more about the symbolism than about it being the perfect cake, but luckily the b-day boy liked it.

The recipe for this cake can be found here. I’ve used Oreo cookies instead of Bastogne cookies and fine caster sugar instead of icing sugar – cause I couldn’t find the latter in any of the supermarkets I’ve visited in Beijing so far.

Cause I don’t have a scale I just guessed the amounts and apparently I guessed correctly, cause the cake really tasted quite nice.


2 Responses to “Made in China – lemon cheesecake.”

  1. annerichardson

    ha ha! i love how you have to really get creative when traveling. this is no exception. what a lovely gift!


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