I visited the Panjiayuan market 潘家园 on a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. This market takes place every Saturday and Sunday morning and is supposed to be the place to score some antiques. I don’t think any of the items I saw that morning can be called real antiques, but if you don’t have too high expectations of scoring some old pieces, it is a fun place to visit in the weekend. There’s everything varying from books, calligraphy, ceramics, furniture, to portraits of the old leaders of China. One of the most fun parts of the market is the bargaining; sometimes prices start 10 times higher than their actual price and you’ll never know if you’ve made a good bargain. Bargaining involves lots of drama, making unsatisfied faces and walking away in the hope the vendors will call you back for a lower price. Or in the case of one of my friends: she got a really low price by drawing a smiley and a heart on a paper. So if your normal bargaining skills aren’t getting you anywhere, you should try this technique.