Some international students I’ve met tell me they’ve a hard time getting used to eating Chinese food for breakfast – I can tell you I have no problem adjusting to this myself. The other day I got out of bed a bit late and was extremely hungry. I went to this tiny little restaurant and asked what they  recommended. This is how I ended up having a steaming hot bowl of beef noodle soup 牛肉面 as my breakfast.

But a thing I end up getting almost every single morning is a steamed bun filled with meat – 包子. These breads don’t even cost €0.20 and are totally awesome. I prefer mine filled with pork or beef, but they also sell it with veggies, somethings that looks like thin glass noodles, chicken, tofu or other things that I cannot understand in Chinese.


2 Responses to “Beijing Breakfast.”

  1. Rosa

    delicious! i love following your adventure. make sure to try a jian bing (sold from carts usually). thin crepe wrapped around a crispy fried thing, with secret sauce, an egg or two, and a pile of herbs. best thing about beijing breakfast.

    • martetatin

      Hi Rosa, I’m ashamed to reply so late.. I wanted to tell you I’ve had a jianbing and I really liked it! I’m such a big fan of the street food culture. Are you living in Beijing or have you travelled here?


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