My housemates rarely complain when I say I’ll be cooking dinner. I’ll get the groceries, do all the cooking, start the cleaning up and most of the time it even tastes good too. But the part where they start to grumble is when the food is cooked and everyone is ready to eat and I’m telling them to wait for a minute because I first want to take some shots of the food. This mostly results in me sitting on the floor/lying in a weird angle attempting to get a nice shot and them standing two meters away from me, taking shots of this scene and making fun of me.

This also happened last night. I had a pork belly wrapped up with herbs in the oven for a couple of hours. The whole house smelled like baked pork, everyone was extremely hungry and they were all waiting for the moment I would state the pork had been in the oven long enough. The tables were set in my room, so there was no place for me to take the pictures so I took them at our little balcony (too bad all these pictures turned out crappy). So here you see me trying without succeeding, but what you don’t see are about five housemates standing inside, laughing at me and my crazy hobby.

I’ll post the recipe later today/tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Taking pictures.”

  1. trangquynh

    I got the same problem haha, my family always gets crazy when I take pictures of the food, and delete them if I’m not satisfied and retake the photos ^^

  2. gottagetbaked

    People always laugh when I start taking photos of food. I just can’t help it. I can totally relate to this post and I love this awesome pic of you with that amazing roast.

  3. aheikkinen

    Me too, got the same problem, family hates when I take pictures of the food, telling them, please, please wait, just one more pic :D

  4. Giangi's Kitchen

    i can so relate… I have learned to kick everyone out of my kitchen, take the pictures and then call them back in innocently as i am the one waiting for them. OK!!t worked a couple of times, but now they know better than make fun of me. Hang in there and continue having fun. Giangi

  5. freshveggiesinthedesert

    And … doesn’t it just drive you crazy if the flash is too bright and/or the light in the kitchen just doesn’t work for photos that day??? Come on, it’s not about the food. (uh, ya, it is) The photos are so much more important. We have bloggin’ to do! :)


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