I had a full cooking/baking marathon with my friend Esther yesterday. We met each other when we were working in the same shop, but we became friends through our love for food and traveling to far places (especially to places where there is an abundance of great food). For our marathon we both picked out a couple of recipes we would like to try out, we went to the farmers market and started cooking. In the end we had made croque monsieurs, a cake, cookies, white chocolate rocky road and dumplings. We started at 11.30 AM and finished our dumpling dinner around 7.30 PM. I’m writing this the morning after, on a lazy Sunday from my bed and I’m in no way hungry yet. Wonder why that is.

We completely followed the original recipe, except for the part that I threw in an egg in the bechamel sauce. If you’re already making a calorie bomb, why stop with regular bechamel sauce? We weren’t big fans of the sauce on its own, but it gave a nice creamy texture to the grilled sandwiches. After we made them, we devoured them on my little balcony which you can enter if you climb through a big window in my kitchen. The weather was great and our croque monsieurs were crispy and gooey. It was the perfect kick off for our cooking marathon.

Recipe adapted from Simple Comfort Food.

When the bechamel sauce was finished we took it from the stove and put in an egg and whisked a bit more. Except for the egg, we followed the recipe completely.