I have this long bucket list in my head with all the things I want to make and bake – some day. The items on that list all sound pretty delicious to me, but they end up there because they are not your (/my) typical put everything in a bowl, mix and pour it in the baking tin recipes. This sabayon recipe has been on the list since March, but I only gathered my courage to try it last Wednesday – I know, I’m really living on the edge. The thing with this recipe is this: it is dead simple. It’s like the easy recipes, but even without the oven time. You actually do put everything in a bowl and mix and except for slicing some strawberries into pieces, that’s all there is to it. So don’t let the fancy name or whisking egg yolks au bain marie scare you off and go make yourself this delicious dessert tonight.

Recipe adapted from David Lebovitz.

Normally this dessert is made with wine, but I made mine with limoncello.

I read the recipe in the morning, but I didn’t have internet when I was cooking in the evening, so I just tried to recall the amounts from my memory. My sabayon didn’t turn out as frothy as in Lebovitz’s pictures, but I think I did a pretty good job. I bet if you do use the exact amounts, yours will turn out even better.

Except for the part that I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, I left my strawberries whole, as they were pretty small. This resulted in more space between the strawberries and this is why the strawberries and sabayon are completely mixed in my wine glasses. If you want to do it as David Lebovitz has done, cut the strawberries smaller and make sure they’re packed with a minimum of space between them.


One Response to “Sabayon with limoncello and strawberries.”

  1. Change Together!

    I m following u from 3-4 months i think;)

    about this recipe you have to try it with Marsala, particular kind of “liqueur” wine. Or you could try to do it with Porto and the little strawberry;)



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