If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be studying in Beijing for the next two years. In the beginning of June I received a phone call that I’m enrolled in university in the master program I applied for and I will receive a scholarship, but that’s all the information I have right now. I’m still waiting for further details and although there isn’t a lot of time left till the end of the summer, I keep telling myself that the lack of any details regarding my whereabouts of the couple of years keeps it interesting and exciting. Last week I’ve booked my plane ticket from Amsterdam to Beijing for the end of August and everything starts slowly kicking in. I’ll be leaving my fantastic student house, my amazing friends and family, my new job that I love and the one that I’ll be missing the most, my boyfriend.

I still have to hand in some papers, but with all the exciting things going on right now, I find it very hard to focus. Yesterday I couldn’t concentrate anymore and I suddenly felt a bit sad at the thought of having to miss my housemates. Therefore I got some chicken at the supermarket, cooked it and then we sat on our small balcony and ate some chicken together. I hope we’ll still have some of these moments in the next one and a half month.

*Maybe it doesn’t come over very strongly, but I’m really excited about moving to Beijing, enjoying the food and culture, meeting new people and having new experiences.

Recipe from Appetite for China (pretty appropriate for this particular post)

My chicken turned out way darker than the chicken in the original recipe. Don’t know why, cause I’ve sticked to the recipe – maybe a different type of soy sauce?

Cause the supermarket didn’t have any wings left, I’ve used chicken drumettes.


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