Last Thursday was a very special day; my best friend from high school got married to the love of her life. The ceremony was just indescribably amazing and beautiful and the party afterwards was lovely relaxed and laid-back. The bride was terrified that it would rain on her big day, since the whole wedding would be outside and the weather forecast predicted a rainy day. A few drips started to fall when the ceremony started, but luckily the sun came through after a couple of minutes and the rest of the day was hot and full of sunshine. I’ve never seen a bride with a dress that suited her body and character so perfectly. The vintage dress was from the 1930s, came from the US and had been worn by other glowing brides before.  As if the day wasn’t wonderful enough on its own, I had the honor of being her made of honor, which I thought was really special – I’ll always remember it.

As my gift for the newlyweds I made the sweets for the wedding. We didn’t do a big wedding cake, since these cakes often looks prettier than they taste nice. Since I knew the party afterwards would be pretty laid-back I just made a big feast of various small sweets – with large amounts of chocolate, as this was requested by the bride – and placed them onto nice cake platters. I didn’t bring my camera, but I hope the photographer has made some nice pictures. When I have these pictures I’ll show them you, but for now this is the only picture of the cakes that I have. It’s taken with a phone, so the quality is poor, but it shows the cakes before we placed them onto the platters.