The moment I saw this recipe on SK, I was already subconsciously figuring out when I had time to make this cake. Unfortunately, that moment only arrived this week. Even though the cake looks a bit dense in the pictures, in reality it’s very airy and light. You’ll need to whip the eggs and the sugar till it forms a very airy mixture – which takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on your mixer – and this will make sure the cake will bake into this airy delight. As you might notice when you take a look at my recipe index, I love chocolate. Most of the chocolate cakes I bake are very gooey and fudgy – which I really like – but I hadn’t encountered an airy version. The thing that chocolate cake makes so delicious – for me anyway – is the high amount of melted chocolate incorporated into the batter, but this is also what gives it the fudgy texture. The result of not adding that much chocolate to this cake was that it didn’t have a real chocolate flavour. This was the reason that all my housemates thought it was a nice cake, but while they were eating it they were already naming all the other cakes they liked better. I take this as a compliment for the other cakes, but I don’t think I’ll be making this cake again any time soon.

If I would bake it again, I would serve it with some raspberry sauce or I would add some espresso powder. I think this would maintain the airy texture, but will add some flavour and depth to the cake – which it desperately needs.

By the way, this cake is gluten free!

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.


11 Responses to “Chocolate buckwheat cake.”

  1. Marijke Van Den Berge

    Klinkt als een goede om mijn restje boekweitmeel mee op te halen; gekocht om Amber Albeda’s ‘gezonde chocoladetaart’ te maken. Dat was niet te eten dus.
    Ik vroeg me af heb jij soms kookboeken van de Franse bakkerij Ladurée? Heb ooit van iemand een brownie naar hun recept gegeten en die was goddelijk; maar het kookboek is best prijzig om zomaar te kopen…

    • martetatin

      Wat zat er in de gezonde chocotaart dan? Was hij echt niet te eten of voornamelijk minder lekker dan een normale (vol chocola en boter) taart? Heb niet het Ladurée kookboek, heb er wel naar gekeken maar heb ‘m om dezelfde reden voorbij laten gaan. Heb het net even gegoogled en kon het ook niet zo snel vinden, ben nu namelijk wel benieuwd naar die brownie! Als ik het recept ooit tegenkom, laat ik het weten!

  2. trangquynh

    your chocolate cake looks lovely, and if you found it not chocolatey enough, I think next time you should try enjoying it with homemade chocolate ganache and rose water cream. I learned this tip on Masterchef and it works really well with my chocolate fudge cake ;) Have a nice day!

    • martetatin

      Hi Trangquynh – thanks for the tips, they sound lovely! I’ve never worked with rose water, but I’m really curious to find out what it tastes like. I will definitely try this in the near future. Thanks!

      • trangquynh

        you’re welcome, in case you need the recipe, you can find it in my post Chocolate Fudge Cake, and I’m always here too ^^ I’ll try out some of your recipes soon, they are truly great!

  3. supersoof24

    Looks gorgeous! I’m definitely going to try to make that! It looks so ridiculously delicious…


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