I scored some cheap raspberries on the farmers market and in the supermarket this week. This probably means that the next couple of posts will be raspberry-related, cause I can’t help myself baking things with these delicate, delicious berries. Any simple, plain cake will turn into something fancy and special when you add raspberries.

This cake is my new go-to cake recipe. The batch is whipped up within minutes and the cake doesn’t even need a half an hour in the oven. The cake is moist and light and you can add anything you can think of to the batter. This time it was raspberries, but next time I’ll add some other fruit or chocolate chips – or both. I also want to try to bake it as an upside-down cake: first placing the fruit into the tin – maybe with some (salted) caramel – and top with the batter.

There is a reason why there aren’t any pre-oven baked or in-the-middle-of-the-cooking-process pictures on this site. First of all, my (student house) kitchen is pretty much always dirty and a mess, but moreover, I get easily distracted and sometimes forget to add ingredients (see also: sour cream cinnamon chocolate chip coffee cake). This time I forgot one of the best things of this cake. Before going into the oven there is some sugar sprinkled on top of the batter, but of course I forgot to do this because I only was thinking about making pictures. The cake was still delicious without it, but if you don’t have my fish-like memory, please add the sugar cause it will give a very nice crunch to the cake (just like with these dark chocolate and raspberry muffins).

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.


2 Responses to “Raspberry buttermilk cake.”

  1. Marijke Van Den Berge

    Je recepten werken aanstekelijk; heb deze vandaag gebakken! Met bosbessen want ze hadden geen frambozen meer bij de super en ik vond hem zeer geslaagd! Ga zo door met dit blog :) Groetjes, Marijke (ex-koene)

    • martetatin

      Dankjewel en wat leuk om te horen dat iemand daadwerkelijk iets heeft gemaakt van wat ik op deze site zet :). Geniet nog van je cake (als er nog iets over is)!


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