When I first read the title of the cake, I thought it would contain coffee. Turns out I just needed an introduction to the world of coffee cakes. According to my friend Wiki, coffee cakes don’t necessarily contain coffee, but are cakes eaten alongside coffee or eaten during the coffee break. So when you make this cake, you better watch out only to eat it in these circumstances!

Even tough a coffee cake sounds pretty random, this cake is anything but that. The crispness of the topping with cinnamon sugar and the chocolate chips make this cake really addictive. Use good quality chocolate, because this is a big part of what makes the cake so delicious (I used Callebaut milk chocolate chips).

Recipe from Smitten Kitchen

While making the cake, I was also doing ten other things at the same time. Of course this was deemed to fail. After I placed the cake into the oven, I noticed I had forgotten to fold in the egg whites. There was nothing to be done at that stage, so I waited and hoped I didn’t screw up the delicious smelling cake. Luckily I didn’t. It would have been more airy with the egg whites, but it was by no means dense or missing anything. If I hadn’t told people I forgot it, they wouldn’t have noticed it. So except for being a ridiculously delicious cake and easy to make, it is also foolproof.