According to Smitten Kitchen this apple sharlotka isn’t a cake, neither a pancake nor a clafoutis, but I’ll refer to it as a cake. This cake has no butter and no milk in it. The lack of milk isn’t that extraordinary, but the fact that I made a cake without butter (so without an excessive amount of calories) is what you can call a small miracle. I like to think that everything tastes better with butter, probably also with a good amount of chocolate added to it. But not this cake. Because the ratio fruit to batter is extremely high, it’s the apples who get all the credits in this cake and there is non of the above needed. Piece of evidence: almost half of this cake disappeared in my boyfriend’s belly in half an hour. Let’s just say he got his vitamins for the day.

Recipe from here.

Maybe it isn’t authentic Russian, but I would like to add some lemon (zest/juice) to the batter, just to bring out the flavour of the apples a bit more. Or maybe add some cinnamon to the batter, instead of putting some on top of the cake after baking.